Bewcastle School

Walking the wall

Vindolanda and Carvoran Roman Army Museum

On Monday 29th June the Juniors went to Carvoran Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda to follow up the work we have been doing on our Roman topic. We had a fantastic time although the day went far too fast.

We started off at Carvoran Roman Army Museum for a lesson from a virtual Roman teacher who taught us to speak and read Latin. Then we went off to the cinema and watched a  film in 3D (complete with silly glasses) before having a really good look around the museum.

After lunch at the  Carvoran picnic site we got back on the bus and set off for Vindolanda. The Archaeologist took us into what we soon discovered was a butchers shop and told us lots of interesting facts and showed us some of the finds they had made there. Then we had a look around the grounds and spent a bit of time in the wooden and stone forts which were quite amazing before heading down to the museum for a look round there.

Obviously we had to have a trip to the shop (no respectable school trip would be complete without this) and then headed back to the bus.

We hope you like the pictures as much as we enjoyed the day. 


Reeve Telford wrote a brilliant poem on the colour purple, this is what it said.



Purple was an expensive colour in the Roman times,

It would cost you quite a lot of money unlike the colour lime.

Only rich people could buy it, that's just how it was,

Why was it so valuable? Probably because...

All the emperors and kings would wear it on their clothes

they would roam around their villas doing a royal pose.

If you walked through the streets of Rome you would see it on some stalls.

You would also see people buying it to put it on their walls.

But now in our days you can see purple everywhere,

Even on some planes that are flying in the air.